'Your wisdom and artistry is a critical gift for the empowerment of other healers and for the healing of humanity at this epic time'.

Foster Gamble, Thrivemovement.com

25 years of research in 20 minutes!

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60-minute geometry of healing video

Take a dive down the rabbit hole where Eastern medical systems and Western Physiology meet in the land of Geometry. 

Fractal Anatomy and the Geometry of Healing online program

Pi? Phi? Fibonacci? This extensive program covers the ABC's of geometry for beginners, and graduates to full fledged body understanding for therapists.

Workshops and Retreats for Everyone

Learn how to apply geometric understanding in bodywork using any somatic modality. Refine skills, amplify results and prevent therapist burnout. 


Private Sessions

By distance or hands-on, there are different ways that I offer support. 

Workshops for Therapists

Those who work with bodies - from massage to acupuncture - can learn more here. Increase your treatment results through a fractal lens of geometric precision. 


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