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'Free Healthcare' should be available to all, and we can do that ourselves. 

Supported by those who can donate, our online weekly classes help so many who are unable to pay at all, and keeps class running!

Building community, building our health, supporting one another and living in flexible bodies and minds is an act of true health and healing. 

 These times call for a nobility of mind, body, and mission.

And we do it together, breath by breath. 

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"For me, it has been a rare experience finding a teacher that in addition to teaching the mechanics of a subject, also seeps energy into the cells of my soul through her intent of healthcare for all.
I have been awakening to my possibilities in a deep and rich way through your classes. Given my enthusiasm I now have a number of friends following you and expressing their thanks to the rewards they are discovering in somatic stretching.
It is a beautiful web of self-care you are weaving for us". 

Somatic Stretch® and Fractal Anatomy;  

Live classes will resume in July 2023 as we are teaching overseas!

For those in the membership program, four classes will be added to your portal during our online absence!

Meredith will be teaching live once a week, alternating Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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9:00 - 10:00 am PST

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5:00-6:00 pm GMT

6:00-7:00 pm CET

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For those who can donate to support our ability to teach classes for free to anyone with financial strain, thank you so very much! For those who cannot pay, you are always welcome! 

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"My heart is lighting up in response to this work and your presence. Deep bow".

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"Through Somatic Stretching you have inspired me in understanding the magic and power I hold to be my best medicine".

Try out a simple class: Abdomen, organs, and appendages oh my..

I"m leaving this one up for awhile because it's an important class....The Chinese have said for centuries that the '10,000 diseases arise from the hara', meaning your organ systems. Find out how to tap in and relate inner to outer tensions in this easy class. 

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"Although times are challenging I am convinced you bring something new and good into this world.       
It feels exciting to me".

Founder of Somatic Stretch®: Lilian Jarvis on the Anatomy of Posture

Founder and creator of Somatic Stretch®, Lilian Jarvis is 90 years young and here she shares the foundation of what this work means to her after a lifetime of developing and teaching her method. Devotion to regular practice, releasing the parts of the body that are tight, and realigning them in a way that supports posture, is key. 

A 21-page pdf is available for purchase here.


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