Geometry of Healing

At the meeting point of East and West.

Meredith Sands Keator

Therapist of Bodies, Teacher of Therapists, Researcher of all things Somatic

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Learning about our bodies and how we can access our own tensions leads us also into the world of our own inner geometry. Receive discounts on videos, retreats and learn more about this powerful method that increases flexibility and improves health!

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Learn about our retreats; the Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing online program; and an online, educational Summit on the biology of sexuality. 

For You

Somatic Stretch is one of the most advanced, yet gentle methods for increasing flexibility, reducing pain and creating awareness of your own paths to health through its unique approach to the ‘stretch reflex’ – the natural, contractive force that protects the body from injury.

For Therapists

Neural Resonance Therapy®. 

An inspiring exploration into Sacred Geometry, Fractal Anatomy and the integration of Eastern and Western sciences for therapists who work with the body and think out of the box.

About Meredith

Founder of Neural Resonance Therapy® and co-director of Somatic Stretch®, Meredith offers workshops and online Health empowered education for Professionals who care for Bodies, and all those who have one.


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