Somatic Stretch® - Flexibility Becomes You!

Through its unique approach to the ‘stretch reflex’ – the natural, contractive force that protects the body from injury - Somatic Stretch® is one of the most advanced, yet gentle methods for increasing flexibility, reducing pain and amplifying health. Take 2-minutes off and watch how we do it!

We Are Three

generations of healers and pioneers of Finnish heritage who can't stop stretching

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Classes, Workshops and Retreats

Check out our local classes and transformational retreats held in various beautiful locations around the world.  

Online Videos with Meredith

With a fractal approach! Take a look at videos to stream at home, and programs to give you inspiration to stretch into the magic

Somatic Stretch® International Training Program

Take your personal health to a new level with one-on-one coaching combined with extensive online training to get you feeling the way you've been meaning to. Designed to accelerate personal health or for teacher training, around the globe. 

Self Help and Private Sessions

Get a couple of free stretches that help almost any ailment, and learn more about private classes or hands-on therapy with Meredith

More about the family and Lilian's Somatic Stretch® programs and videos

This mother/daughter team are the current evolution of a lineage of Finnish healers, making a difference in the lives and bodies of many for over 80 years. Find out more about who we are and why we do what we do. 


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