Classes, Workshops and Rejuvenating Retreats

Classes and yearly retreats in beautiful parts of the world

Weekly Classes in Somatic StretchĀ®

Online, live classes and recordings weekly! Free or by donation. 

Meredith teaches online classes every week, and uploads the recordings after each class for viewing anytime. These classes are supported by donation, allowing Everyone to learn about their own bodies and empower their own healing, anytime, anywhere. Thank you to all who can pay to help all those who can't! Learn more here.

Annex Village, Toronto, Canada

Our family home studio has hosted thousands of classes over the years and when in town, Meredith teaches weekly and offers bodywork sessions. 

Email us for class availability. 

Immersions and Retreats

The best way to reset, revive and bring home your practice.


For You (and Therapists!)
Somatic Stretch® and Fractal Anatomy Retreat

Wherever we are on the planet, these retreats focus on local organic meals made by a loving, food conscious chef as one foundation of our nourishing week. We have daily Somatic Stretch classes, addressing individual issues and diving into the world of Fractal Anatomy to help us unlock the mystery and ease into movement. These retreats offer a highly valuable and unique doorway into the body, giving students a new perspective in personal abilities to heal. Plan to leave inspired and - as many have said - transformed and pain free. 


For Therapists
Workshops in Neural Resonance Therapy®

Neural Resonance Therapy® is the method created by Meredith Sands Keator to help any somatic therapist accelerate treatment results while preventing therapist burnout. The therapist's 'internal compass' becomes a weave of Western anatomy and physiology with a solid education in geometry and fractals. With this knowledge we can bridge the gap between Eastern and Western concepts, attain more direct communication with the nervous system of our clients, and improve our treatment results through a deeper understanding of 'working to core' without making hands sore. For beginner and advanced therapists. 


Safari of Self Discovery

Kenya Date TBD

See and read more about this special safari with renowned healer Ray Johnston, co-facilitated with Meredith Sands Keator. 


Online Summit

Science, Orgasm and Spirituality

It's time for biology to meet the mainstream. A virtual Summit for Everyone with a Body. 



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