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Fractal Anatomy, from a somatic perspective, means that while your hand or foot or ear may be a map of the whole body, any part of your body can be a map of the whole.

This was an ancient idea that seemed to have to no correlation to current western science, however as we uncover greater knowledge of the nervous system and understand the foundational role frequency has in orchestrating our nervous systems, these ancient concepts begin to make more sense.


Fractal, from a medical and technological perspective, is a new word for an old wisdom we could call ‘pattern recognition’. All things in nature, the stock market, how our cell phone antennas function, how a healthy heart beats and how tumors grow are all governed by a fractal nature we are just beginning to discern.

Fractals were first discovered by our culture in mathematics, and since then they have been helping us better understand the world and the cosmos we live in. This moved physics in a whole new direction, and the link between the confusing worlds of relativity and quantum reality are being further explored through a fractal lens.

Fractals are patterns that repeat themselves in varying scales, from large to small - and to infinity in each direction -  and yet the original pattern remains the same.

Fractals are images of unpredictable, dynamic systems – pictures of Chaos which deal with the transitions between order and disorder. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions.
Nature is full of fractal patterning, such as in trees, lungs, rivers, bloodflow, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes and more. Abstract fractals are made by calculating a simple equation and repeating it – such as the Mandelbrot Set shown in this video. 


Naturally, if fractals belong in mathematics and the cosmos, they also belong in biology, and therefore, our bodies.  The focus of the Eastern adepts was the function of Nature, the patterns it orchestrated in the act of creation, and how this knowledge can influence our health. 

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"And what does this have to do with me"?

Here are three amazing reasons why Fractal Anatomy is so important

It helps medicine help you

Soon your doctor will know more about things like fractals and cancer, fractals and a healthy heartbeat, and fractals in diagnosis. It's already there, and it's growing fast!

It helps you help yourself

The body taught me what fractals were, and Somatic Stretch® taught me how to use it. You can amplify your own healing abilities and skills by learning to connect more directly with your nervous system using stretch, self-shiatsu and meditation methods.

It helps therapists help clients

Learn more about workshops in geometry, fractals and  Neural Resonance Therapy® - a way for therapists to work more effectively while preventing therapist burn out. 

What is Neural Resonance Therapy?

Neural Resonance Therapy® is a method taught to therapists who work with modalities such as massage, shiatsu, craniosacral, chiropractic and acupuncture. Learning about the fusion of Eastern and Western medical theories through the lens of geometry, fractals and anatomy, we can amplify treatment results and reduce therapist burnout by using less pressure, yet more focus to the ‘core’ tension pattern, helping relieve pain syndromes in the body more effectively.


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