The Meridian Mastery Program:


Watch the short video below and learn something entirely new
-~ whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner,
or a Human with a Body interested in healing!

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When does it start? 

You can begin anytime with lifetime access upon purchase. 


For practitioners or anyone interested in healing,
you will not have seen a program like this before. 


  • Understand how neural frequencies and light refraction offer new ways to better understand where East meets West
  • Learn more about geometry and the nervous system for health and healing
  • Access your own innate healing abilities
  • Accelerate treatment results for therapists.    
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Save $198: Bundle with the Full Fractal Anatomy programs!

What's different about this program?

Meredith Sands Keator brings together over 25 years of research into the fusion of Eastern and Western medical principles to highlight the role of Meridians in relation to light refraction and geometry.

This helps to better explain what the East has understood for thousands of years, and how this knowledge can change the way you view your body. 

Learn to read and support your own health before, during, and after an illness. 

Learn to read the bodies of your clients and accelerate your treatment results if you are a Therapist.

Watch the video below as Meredith walks you through the reasons this program is one you likely won't want to miss!

The Meridians detect distortions prior to illness as they speak to the subtle fluctuations that the body experiences while Living. 

Meredith shares the Meridian Mastery Program details...

In this video you will learn:

* What is a Meridian and how can this knowledge help me?

* What is the difference - really - between Eastern and Western medicine and why do they seem so different?

* How can this help me before I experience any illness? 

* How can this help me when I’m moving through an illness?

* How can this help me if I am a therapist who works with bodies?

* What does geometry have to do with the Meridian system?

* What are fractals and how on earth do they help me understand my body and health process?

* What does it mean when we say a Meridian is affected? Does it mean the organ is in trouble?

* What can I expect to learn from this program? 

This program is an adjunct to the Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing program. While you do not need this program to join the Meridian Mastery program, you will find both very helpful to your understanding. 

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Save $198: Bundle with the Full Fractal Anatomy program!

About the new Meridian Program: We will be learning...

* An overview of the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine to understand the Eastern perspective and how we can apply it. 

* The Twelve Primary Meridians, where they are, and how to use them to stimulate health. 

*The classical definitions of Meridians as well as other, lesser-known and powerfully illuminating research that broadens our understanding. 

*Specific issues that can be addressed using this knowledge such as neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury, and so much more.  

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Twelve Meridians, Six Sections

Each of the six sections covering the Meridian pairs consist of: 

* The classical knowledge of the given Meridians and their function

* Deeper contemporary information on each pair

* A practical component that allows the artist in you to combine your left and right brain and absorb information more easily

* A stretch component to further this learning by integrating the material into YOUR body with YOUR specific concerns. 

* A hands-on video to walk you through how to work on someone else using this information whether you are a somatic therapist or not.

Buy Meridian Mastery $395

Building on the information in her Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing Program, we delve into the practical aspects of putting this information in motion. 

Whether you have taken the Geometry of Healing Program or not, the Meridian Mastery Program stands as a next-level in learning, or a stand-alone course to get you into your body, or increase your client support. 

Testimonials on the nature of this work

"I am very grateful for your Fractal Anatomy and the Geometry of Healing course.
The quality and clarity of your communication are top grade. The mix of modalities, the beauty of your visuals, the experience of doing somatic stretches to discover body connectivity, the range of references you provide. This morning, I dived into your video : How the Geometry comes together - Wonderful!"

"I think applying this understanding to your anatomical features is crucial in correcting bodily ailments. I feel aligned and balanced, invigorated and integrated with myself. Everyone with a body should do it."

"I have enjoyed your work immensely…Your work has given me some missing pieces, some I realize that were actually already there but out of my conscious awareness.  There were a number of 'ahas' during the course followed by, oh sh*t, I already knew that, but didn't. 
I've started talking to my clients much more deeply, in a way I couldn't, but wanted to, and now can, easily."

"You’ve been a great teacher to me Mer. Your work took my work to another level and is part of the foundation of everything I do. Definitely."

"Your awareness of the body’s myriad stresses and ways of release is so deep and fine-tuned, it makes me think of the Inuit’s knowledge of snow, for which they are said to have some thirty different words.” 

"You are one of my treasured teachers and I couldn’t have done the work that I do without you."

"I need to tell you that the material in your course, and in the work you are continuing to share, is moving me deeper into my Spiritual journey. Don't ask me how - there is something in the details that I needed to hear and work with to satisfy the "non-mystical" aspects of my quest. Thank you."

"Every time I do your courses or classes, I awaken to my own deepest body-self or perhaps, my deepest self awakens and speaks to me. It‘s like standing before the mysteries of the universe!"

"I must tell you that your training has been the game-changer for my massage reputation and practice. I incorporate your exact routine within my deep tissue/Swedish massage, focusing on the hips and glutes, and my clients all rave about it. Nobody else seems to do Shiatsu and it really sets me apart. Thank you so much! ❤"

"My whole body vibrated to watching this video in your program. It was very much so speaking directly to my nervous system! Everything came alive inside of me as I watched, and I felt the truth of it all deeply resonate. Just"

"Your classes and sessions facilitate profound meditation...This is the result of your ‘tea ceremony of the body’. It sets up the body to truly access the universe. Mine, at any rate. Amazing…"

"Thank you from my heart for your life's work and the gift you are sharing with us through this class on sacred geometry. It has given me a vehicle through which to better understand an 18-year dance with the divine...and I love that you have created this for so many people around the world."

When we talk about an organ in relation to a Meridian, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's damaged.

It means it may need some help, or it may be a signpost merely offering an indication of the weather inside that day. 

You can learn to think like an Eastern AND a Western practitioner and understand a more unified vision that helps you take care of your body ~ before troubles arise, or when you're needing support during illness. 

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Meredith Sands Keator
Trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture in the early 90’s, Meredith teaches accelerated healing skills to Somatic therapists of all modalities to increase treatment results through more direct access to the nervous system.

A pioneer in the field of Eastern and Western integrative sciences, she has developed Neural Resonance Therapy®, a therapeutic approach to the nervous system viewed as frequency, and how that frequency is better understood and accessed through a lens of geometry.

Working within the company of cutting edge healers, physicists and cosmologists, Meredith has unearthed an understanding of geometric precision in the body that appears to mirror the information we are currently witnessing in the universe on a fractal and holographic level.

Her research in this field since 1996 has taken her to many parts of the globe, where she meets, learns and shares the work of remarkable practitioners and teachers from different modalities and cultures. 

Pursuing a strong collective within the healing arts to raise awareness around the integration of alternative and allopathic practices is her life’s work.

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