Five-Minute Daily Practice Series

Change your day in just five minutes, or do the whole sequence in 40-minutes!

Enliven your body and create equilibrium throughout your day. 

The power we gain by giving our bodies and breath even five-minutes to focus with a stretch and some mindfulness reduces stress, relieves tension and increases our creativity and our intuition. 

To make this easier I created this series so you can cycle through different days with five-minute exercises, or do the whole series in 40-minutes. 

There is also a bonus 30-minute introduction to Somatic Stretch® and how we use the stretch reflex to get into the body - and what fractals have to do with our anatomy as we stretch! Where else do you learn about that?? 

I have added a second bonus of a video that gives you certain points you can use to release tension in specific parts of the body, and you can use them while you stretch gently. 

On a final note, this video series teaches you the secret success to Somatic Stretch®;

We don't 'reach', we actually relax to find the stretch! We forget about telling our bodies 'what to do' and we learn to let our bodies show US what it needs so there's no strain and only gain. 



Five-Minute Daily Practice Series

$29.95 USD

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