“I suffered a serious bout of illness a few years back.
My physicians were great but it was Meredith
who did the most to return me to my prior healthy state.
The woman has magical hands, an innate understanding of the true meaning of
health and healing and an impressive depth of scientific knowledge.”

Michael Bay, Attorney

Private, one-on-one sessions are available and I travel  extensively. Please check my calendar of events to see my general itinerary, and send me an email for more information.

As Neural Resonance Therapy® is more like a perspective in accelerated anatomy, it can look like any modality and changes depending upon the techniques best suited to a given therapist. As I have been a Shiatsu practitioner and teacher since the mid-nineties, my hands-on sessions most resemble this technique. I also offer Distance Sessions, and information on what they are and how they work, are also found below.

“Meredith’s awareness of the body’s myriad stresses and ways of release is so deep and fine tuned, it makes me think of the Inuit’s knowledge of snow, for which they are said to have some thirty different words”

Charlie Sise, Writer

Hands-on Sessions / Neural Resonance Therapy®


Sessions are received either Shiatsu-style with a mat on the floor, or on a massage table. Typically the mat work is done with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing, whereas on the massage table, oils are often used if the client prefers a more traditional massage approach. 

Both styles approach the nervous system most directly, using either shiatsu or massage as the medium to apply pressure to specific points in a calming, graceful flow.  Clients usually fall asleep and often see geometric patterns in their deeply relaxed state while communicating more directly with their subconscious mind.

Aside from the obvious benefits of blood and nutrients flowing back into areas to help alleviate many aches and pains, the greater connection with the subconscious also helps us to unlock old patterns, dream more deeply and uncover powerful insights and inspiration to accelerate our state of health and creativity.

After sessions, I am able to give fairly detailed insights around pain manifestations and – where applicable – emotional states of mind that may be related to physical responses, along with stretch techniques and general lifestyle or dietary suggestions that can support each client’s specific needs.

These sessions are deeply relaxing and it is strongly encouraged to book a session when you have the rest of the day off, as the impact to the nervous system usually requires an important period of integration throughout the day.


How does Neural Resonance Therapy® work?

Hands-on sessions ease tensions and allow nutrient flow to increase as muscles relax. Hands-off sessions are based more in the energetic realm and while it is impossible to distinguish between the physical and energetic, and while both give you a ‘read’ on the physical and often emotional realities, the hands-off work delves much more deeply into the connections through your genetic line and how those ties affect your life today.

The main thing I want to stress is that healing is not about just ‘getting out of pain’, it’s about moving information from your subconscious mind into the conscious mind where you can be more proactive about choices and directions you care to make. Health, in my opinion, results always in greater levels of inspiration and creative action. It is a mental, emotional  and spiritual perception that affects your whole body – which can often, therefore, affect areas of pain as issues are resolved. 

The directive from your subconscious mind either promotes health or discourages it. It’s harder to make destructive or ‘bad’ decisions when you are conscious of what you’re really doing, and so whether we work hands-on or off, this is the primary function of working directly with the nervous system.

Somatic Stretch® private sessions; in person or online

Those with issues they would like to address more specifically can come for private sessions either in person or online. Together we trouble shoot areas of need while you learn what other parts of your body are connected to the issues at hand, and  you will gain a better understanding of how to work on your own by stretching out the right muscles compensating for your concern. Videos are also an easy follow up once you know how to use Somatic Stretch exercises most easily for your needs and getting you working in a way to follow up with videos or local classes is the intention of these sessions.


Online Somatic Stretch® individual assessment session;

For those wishing to have their individual issues addressed, we meet online and record our session, or we record in person when possible. Throughout our 75-minutes together, we go over your issues in detail, find exercises that work best for them, make sure you understand how to work with them correctly, and set you free for two weeks to practice and become familiar with your new way of stretching. 

We then set up an hour-long recorded session to answer questions, stretch together, and make refinements to your personalized plan.

You leave with a better understanding of what can cause your particular condition and how to work with it, as well as two, hour-long recordings you can then use regularly to create progress over the short and long term.


Intuitive Sessions; Online or in person

Trinity Wheeler-2124

Intuitive sessions create clarity and increase creativity to amplify inspiration, supporting us to becoming the forces of effective change in our own life, as well as in the world.

As I am able to see the frequency patterns of the nervous system,  I offer sessions over the phone, or in person. I offer indications of physical as well as emotional issues going on in order to move in an even more positive direction to increase creativity and jumpstart inspiration. 

Science has still not been able to track the finer energies of our bodies that allow us to read the body in a more ‘medically intuitive’ kind of way, however experience speaks for itself and results from this kind of work can only be evaluated by your own perceptions. Due to this, I offer a ‘money-back guarantee’ if clients are not completely happy with the work we do together.

My purpose is to help you unravel the issues most prevalent in your current life and increase the internal connection between your subconscious mind and your conscious, creative world, thereby allowing for greater clarity, health and sense of purpose. 

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Dear Meredith, many, many thanks for the most precious session. I treasure your work.” Ojai, California

Thank you for your sessions, life is more colorfull!!!” Buenos Aires, Argentina

I continue to feel that freedom from releasing the personal piece with my mom and trust that we are just all on a journey together!  She is coming for a visit in 2 days and I am not feeling stressed about it at all! British Columbia, Canada

The session had a huge impact and I’ve been cooking like Rumi’s chickpea since Friday…I am now at a workshop, going deeper and deeper into what I discovered thanks to our session. I’m very grateful to you Meredith.” Netherlands

$250 / 90 minutes and 30 minutes of note taking for your records

Why is the nervous system so central to this work?


The nervous system is the electrical wiring of your Body. It is the engine of, and between, your subconscious and conscious mind. You think to do something and the nervous system translates what ‘you/it’ thought to your limbs to take action. Because there is an amazing amount of information located within the nervous system, accessing it more directly can provide information to the client as well as to the practitioner that releases tension and trauma – as well as healthy inspiration! – to the whole mind and body. 

‘Alternative healthcare’ and all of its various modalities is what we, in the west, might call a truer kind of Preventative health care. It is helpful to know where the weakest links are so that we can take care of our own health, or help make definitive decisions regarding western protocols. This is not in place of Western medicine, but functions as an adjunct to it.  Currently, in our western world, ‘preventative medicine’ seems solely focused on vaccination with little to no regard for lifestyle necessities such as nutrient rich foods and somatic exercise such as tai chi, yoga and valuable, therapeutic work aside from physiotherapy.

Insight and ability to connect with the nervous system has greatly accelerated for me due to the research and development I have done since 1995. This research has led me to an understanding of geometrical patterning within the frequencies of the body, and this, in turn, has greatly improved my skill as a therapist. This also means I can read the body from a distance, and these readings delve more into your history, emotions and the genetic predispositions you may hold subconsciously.

See ‘Intuitive Sessions’.

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