Intuitive Readings

Intuitive sessions create clarity and foster ground for innovative thinking and project completion while strengthening focus for personal and professional flight. 

Spark your creativity, declutter your path, and embody your visions and voice. 

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Find out more. About you. 

Having someone who doesn't know you uncover the dreams you dream about - but were too nervous to fully embrace - can be a powerful catalyst.

If knowing how to amplify this inner communication (called your intuition) to gain greater insight into your physical and emotional health and inspire your creativity is next for you, set up a free 20-minute call with me to find out more, or book a session online here. 


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"I had no idea how clear and grounded I would be after our session! I"m amazed at how my sense of direction is focussed and how excited I am to move into it. You have a very special gift -thank you."


The session had a huge impact and I’ve been cooking like Rumi’s chickpea since Friday…I am now at a workshop, going deeper and deeper into what I discovered thanks to our session. I’m very grateful to you Meredith.”


"I really enjoyed our session yesterday - it’s the best intuitive reading I've had."

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Sessions are conducted in person, or on zoom.

Full or partial refunds if for any reason the session does not meet your hopes and expectations. 


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