Somatic Stretch® and Fractal Anatomy Retreats

Whether you are looking for pain relief, to amplify your own personal practice, or you are a therapist looking for the understanding of fractals to increase your treatment results while you take care of your own body, retreats offer you inspiration, rejuvenation and reset in beautiful parts of the world.

Somatic Stretch®, Somatic Sound
South of France 

June 5-12, 2024

Come to the Southwest of France, where the Troubadours, Templars, and Magdalene lore looms large. Here the land speaks volumes, and we will dive into the soma and soak up the sun as we learn more about this fascinating history. Morning chant, evening Kirtan, a Sound workshop and two, separate afternoon visits to sacred sites are all part of the journey.  We will be relieving aches and pains and soothing our bodies through stretch and sound, as we learn more about the nature of fractal anatomy, and the nature of sound resonance in gaining ever-greater health. 


Ojai, Calfornia:
February 17-23, 2024

Somatic Stretch classes, hiking, biking, and even rock climbing can be part of the adventure! Ojai is known as a powerful vortex nested in mountains that have been considered sacred for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 


Other Events

In 2024/25 we will be on Safari in Kenya.



Real words from real people

Frozen Shoulder

‘Within just a few days my mobility improved by something like 85%! As an initial introduction to Somatic Stretch, I would say the results are absolutely remarkable!’


‘My mood has improved, I can handle my pain, depression, anxiety and energy in a new light. I feel more grounded and full of  intention.’
~27 year old male participant

Life Stress

'I feel so crazy blessed to have met so many wonderful people and  shared so much deep emotion, the likes of which I have never experienced before...I have my mat set up too, and I am back at yoga a few days a week which is huge for me!'

Medical Doctor, Ireland

As a “Western” doctor I was so inspired when I attended your SomaticStretch Retreat in Rangely, Maine last week. SomaticStretch is a gentle but powerful stretch program that enhances posture, wellness and most importantly alleviates musculoskeletal pain.

I was shocked and delighted to wake up each day with none of my usual aches & pains and not to be reaching out for pharmaceutical relief! I highly recommend this program to everyone! Thank you! Thank you!”

Dancer, USA

“I used to experience a lot of pain after yoga, modern dance, jazz, and ballet classes which added stress to my world. The Somatic Stretch exercises are helping me to relax on all levels. The exercises are simple enough that I can comfortably do them at home and enjoy incorporating them into my every day life. What a lifesaver!” 

Pilates Instructor, Canada

"I"ve been thinking of you all week!  I really learnt a lot at the retreat. I have been teaching some of the stretches to my clients and I am so excited.  I even awoke at 5:00 a.m. this morning to do my own personal stretching before teaching.  Thank you so much.  I am also really excited because so much of the information you taught confirmed instincts of mine regarding how the body works that is information not taught in pilates/yoga teacher training. I now have some real physiological explanations for observations I've been making for some time." 


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