Silver and crystal Kabbalic Star Pendants

Wearing Sacred Geometry is known to create deeper connection to Source energy and the Kabbalic Star is a map of your nervous system, where Source flows.

Held in the palm of the hand, the Kabbalic Star Pendants range from 1.5 - 2.5 inches depending upon the size of crystal that is contained within it.

From there, skilled jewelers craft the specific Kabbalic Star geometry around each crystal, and this takes some time, as you can imagine.

The first series of 16 pieces were hand-delivered to physicist, Nassim Haramein, who charged these pendants in his Energy Device in Kauai, Hawai'i - after they had been charged during the daytime of the Solar Eclipse in 2012, at Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

These pieces are now sold out. However! As the new pieces will not have the crystals charged by Haramein, the price is lower and still packs a punch on the energy meter!

The next series of pendants are now being made to order and are very unique for their geometry, and their limited availability due to the skill involved in creating them.

Geometry, and more specifically, sacred geometry, has been known as the description of the frequencies, oscillations and waves that literally create our world through the vibration of life force. These shapes have been known to man of all ages, carved on Egyptian walls, or out of neolithic rock, and it is the human mind that uses these shapes to understand the vast expanse of time, space, and creation.

I use this shape as a teaching aid to show the trinity of the body and its fractal nature to form, and to illustrate the points on the body that can be used to access the nervous system with even more precision. This takes any form of healing and amplifies its ability to communicate wellness to the body through the simple inclusion of targeting the nervous system directly – where the ‘brain’ of the body determines what is healthy and what is not.

As the geometry, and the body itself, are crystalline in nature, what you program into the crystal will become amplified in your field. Using it when meditating or in ceremony is always a good thing.

They can also be used in healing sessions in a variety of ways, and as a pendulum for SRT and other energy modalities.

These pieces are made to order and take time to craft. Please allow time needed for delivery.

A gift to you, with purchase of the Kabbalic Star, is a free, online instructional video on The Geometry of Healing.

Silver and crystal Kabbalic Star Pendants

Solar Eclipse Series 2012: $695 - SOLD OUT

Upcoming orders for 2016 (minus the 'Haramein Effect'): $595

You'll also have instant access to a free copy of the 60-minute tutorial on The Geometry of Healing. 

$595.00 USD

One Time Payment