Problems, Pains and Solutions

Frozen shoulder, Sciatica, low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, fractals and Somatic Stretch®!

Two and a half hours of video in six clear segments take you through how to approach the exercises using the stretch reflex in a different way, and give you an understanding of fractals and what they mean to your own anatomy. 

We then travel through a variety of conditions such as neck and shoulder tension, TMJ, frozen shoulder, low back pain and sciatica, knee, ankle and wrist issues, to name a few. 

These stretches help you release tension remarkably easily, and soothe ailments as well as old injuries you thought you might have to live with!

Whether you have upper, mid-body or lower body issues - or problems in your arms and legs - addressing the core areas of tension and understanding not only where they really are located, but how to 'get' to them, is a game changer. 

This program is designed as a reference that can be used in the future as issues arise, or as a general, overall stretch session to keep you supple. 

I'm so happy to finally have created this program to take you through the history of the lineage of Somatic Stretch® I was raised in, how fractals relate to your body and how to use them in conjunction with stretch to greatly alleviate aches and conditions you may have been living with for awhile - all in a compact, easy to follow video format!

This is one of the best introductory programs to really integrate this work through your own body, and create some lasting change.


Problems, Pains and Solutions

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