Hanging Brass Kabbalic Stars

It was an unlikely find for me, as I was not looking for geometry in the body (something I knew absolutely nothing about at the time!). I was spending years following neural impulse in my body, and in the bodies of my clients.

At the end of that 15 year journey this full geometry emerged ~ much to my amazement ~ and there began my study of geometry from that day forward.

The Kabbalic Star (or the Pentachoroid Vector Equilibrium) is fractal in nature and therefore represents energy - much as if you could grab a lightbeam and take a longer look at it.

By seeming to 'stop' movement to take a look, we consider a solid form in 3D, and yet it is more of a map to the exploration of dimensions themselves, aiding us to see more deeply into the energetic flow of our bodies, and therefore our health.

The deeper theory in how our Western physiology weaves within the various Eastern energy systems to create this geometry can be found in the Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing online program. 

This particular geometry has taken notice by well-known geometers and physicists as being an intricate and 'new' shape that was not recognised ~ until it showed up in the nervous system!

Owned by psychotherapists, healers of others, healers of oneself, and sacred geometry enthusiasts, hanging one in your home or creative space brings a resonant balance to the room. 

Contemplating geometry balances the mind and stills the body. Many have enjoyed using the Kabbalic Star as a pendulum or a healing tool to direct energy.

When stretching or meditating, its guide as a map can be used to release tension and energy stagnation, as it represents the 'coordinate points' and intersections of energy within our bodies when we consider geometry as an overlying umbrella between Eastern and Western medical perspectives.

Spinning this geometry offers hypnotic intricacies, opening doorways of perception as frequency in motion mirrors the mystery of our own biology. 

These pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Only small orders are made at one time.

Hanging Brass Kabbalic Stars

It may take a bit of time to arrive at your door as these pieces are lovingly made by meticiulous hands and travel countries and artisans (who I personally know) before reaching you. 

The Kabbalic Star is 6 inches in height and 2.5 inches in width. It hangs from a coloured ribbon with a stone and crystal light refractor.

Spin for best results!


$290.00 USD

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