30-minute Somatic Stretch® Primer

A good introduction to the method of Somatic Stretch®, a great way to move into your day or slow one down........

This 30-minute class is not 15-minutes as it suggests in the video above - but you can do the first 15 and still feel really good physically, and really good about yourself for doing it! These exercises take you through an easy to follow, basic series that starts you on the journey of working gently ~ doing only what works for you

Somatic Stretch® was created by Lilian Jarvis, founding member and prinicpal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, Meredith's mother and an inspiring pioneer who is still teaching classes at the age of 85. She also offers workshops and is the primary contributor of our Somatic Stretch® International Teaching Training Program. 

For more videos on Somatic Stretch® from the founder, Lilian Jarvis, click here.


30-minute Somatic Stretch® Primer

Start with one, two or three exercises, and soon you're doing all 30-minutes of effortless flow that will make your day. mmm hmm.

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