Science, Orgasm and Spirituality

A much needed Virtual Summit. 

Learn from Western Sciences, Eastern philosophies and ground the wisdom of your own biology. 

It's time to renormalize the conversation. 


Three powerful Speakers. One powerful Summit.

Answering your questions and providing down to earth information about the phenomenon we call Orgasm.

An Online Summit

7 hours of recorded interviews, questions covered from the public and discussion on everything from little known cancer concerns and procedures, to the phenomena of spontaneous ecstasy.

Conny Huthsteiner, M.D,


A psychiatrist with a background in psychosomatic medicine and trained in psychiatric orgone therapy, we will discuss the social and political perspectives of sexuality pre- and post-Freud.  We will also focus on the extensive and groundbreaking theories of Wilhelm Reich who brought bio-electrical dynamics of orgasm into the psychoanalytic conversation. He introduced the concept of psychosomatic unity, and identified the energetic underpinnings of  neurosis before being imprisoned in America for his life's work, where he died just days before his parole. 

Barry Komisaruk, PhD


Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University and first author of The Science of Orgasm, we will be discussing Komisaruk's extensive research on the neural pathways through which genital stimulation gains access to the brain, and the neural basis for persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) and orgasm in women and men. His other areas of research include the study of sexual response after spinal cord injury, female ejaculation and pelvic pain and numbness, helping women find solutions to pain syndromes and offering new research findings toward scientific understanding.

Michaela Boehm


Austrian born, and trained since the age of 16 as a lineage holder of classical, tantric Kashmir Shaivism, Michaela Boehm has become an internationally known leader in tantric wisdom and somatic embodiment. Michaela combines her extensive training in the field of Psychology, CBT, Trauma Therapy and Somatic modalities, with her 40k plus hours counseling experience and her tantric training into a unique offering, which is the perfect conclusion to our Summit in drawing together the science and psychology of sexuality as it grounds itself into the body and mind. 

7 hours of interview, 3 great speakers

Your Host

Meredith Sands Keator was raised in a lineage of allopathic and alternative healers and has been a Somatic therapist since 1994. A teacher, researcher and avid student of the body, she has pioneered an understanding of the geometry of healing through the unified understanding of both Eastern and Western medical perspectives. The growing study of bio-electricity and energetic anatomy leads to the important discussion around orgasm and sexuality as an essential component of health and wellbeing, inspiring her to formulate this summit to address critical questions, and support emotional and physical paths to healing. 

What you will learn

History of Sexuality

What was our Western, cultural perspective and attitude around sexuality before Freud? What did Freud's work change and where are we today?

We go into details about one of his youngest analysts, Wilhelm Reich, who brought the concept of orgasm and 'orgastic potency' to the terrain of neurosis. Why did Reich do this, how is it relevant to health from a psychoanalytic perspective, and why did it cause such a social and political uproar?

Reich's work is still misconstrued today even though he laid the groundwork of psychodynamic bodywork and was acknowledged for making great strides in psychoanalysis. This talk will be a rare, comprehensive overview of his life's work, detailing how sexuality and social norms tragically ended his life in jail. 

The Science of Orgasm

What are the biological processes leading to orgasm that we know of? How and why do orgasms happen, why do they fail to happen and what brain and body events are put into play at the moment of orgasm? 

Our speaker will be describing the genital-brain connection and how the brain produces orgasms. A focus of this segment discusses current causes known of sexual pelvic pain in both men and women, sexual arousal disorder, and what research is being done today to understand and solve it.

We learn of pioneering studies in the understanding of female ejaculation, how it's being studied, what we know and what we don't. 

As we are not taught about this vital, biological phenomenon in our lives, this informative and in depth talk illuminates the hows, whats, and wherefores of orgasm.

Spirituality and Sexuality

What is considered 'spiritual' about sexuality, and is there any biological basis to transformation through tapping into it? 

What does 'Tantra' mean, what does it not, and how is Neo-tantra different? 

Old words used in a new context such as these require explanation, and here we share their relevance today and what we know from the past.

We further dive into the realm of 'Kundalini' and clarify what we know, and what we don't, about this powerful life source energy that can leave many in bliss and others in states of great fear and agitation. 

We discuss embodiment practices used as a path to sensual awareness beyond the genitals, and unravel some ancient reasons for this sacred path of healing we can access through inner awareness of our own, innate energies. 

This is where mysticism, sexuality and human biology meet. 

Still deciding?

This is a rare, online educational forum that serves those not well versed in biology and sexuality, AND those who know it very well. Join us in contributing to a society that is not afraid to discuss the obvious, learn about our biology, and our spiritual and sexual connection.

This is a forum for:


  • what happens biologically in the body when orgasm happens 
  • knowing more about internal pelvic pain and what our current research is doing to help both men and women
  • what causes an inability to orgasm, and what makes orgasm even more pleasurable from a biological viewpoint 
  • current Tantric offerings, what they intend today and how to navigate your own comfort zone in the current sea of offerings and challenges in this new 'industry'
  • How human sexuality crafts our Western, social perspectives from past to present
  • Up-to-date knowledge on Wilhelm Reich and his essential contributions 
  • What 'orgastic potency' is and the role of emotions in sexual and cultural response
  • How sexuality affects our political structures (Reich's 'emotional plague')


  • understanding how daily energy is connected to our sexual impulses
  • how repression of emotion is both a socially and sexually related question, and how this affects our biology and our politics
  • how anxiety and sexuality are biologically linked
  • The Science of orgasm as we know it
  • The current research about female ejaculation and how it differs from men, as well as woman to woman
  • The connection between sexual centers and the brain
  • Historical roots of Tantra
  • Somatic and sexual embodiment as a path to greater health
  • What Tantra is and is not
  • Kundalini and its relationship to biology
  • what the current understanding of fractals are in science and what this has to do with orgasm and your own health


The ultimate definition of repression is for an entire society to subconsciously agree to remain silent. Yet each of us can change this. Thank you for being part of the solution, wherever you are, however you are doing it. We hope you join us here, or on our FB page under 'Science, Orgasm and Spirituality Curious'.

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