Yoga, Meridians and Sacred Geometry

A workshop to enrich your practice.

The ancient art of Chinese medicine gives us an incredible amount of knowledge that our Western science is just beginning to rediscover. Meridians are the mapwork of how energy flows within the body prior to physical form. However there are other maps – such as Chakras, Ayurvedic nadis, Taoist dantiens and more. In no way is one system ‘more correct’ than any other – quite the contrary! They each provide a view into the body that when put together relay to us a story of Frequency – the very life force that physicists are understanding the cosmos is made of. This workshop introduce the yogi/ni to how these various systems fit together and how the understanding of the meridian system gives us a way to bring this knowledge to the mat.

  • What are Meridians and what is Sacred Geometry?
  • How does this help me in my yoga practice?
  • What do my eyes  and back have to do with my bladder meridian and how can knowing anything about that help me today?
  • How can the Meridian system relate to our current knowledge in Western sciences and how does this relate to Chakras and more?

If you are ready to explore your body with an added new dimension into Eastern Medical Theory,  this workshop will take you on a unique journey to where the physical meets the energetic, weaving meridians with Chakras and Kundalini flow, muscles with nerves and yoga. Bringing information from 20 years of research in the field to find unity between ancient arts and current physics, Meredith Sands Keator will inspire you, and your practice, to new levels of the sweet alchemy where history meets science.

Bring your questions and loose, comfortable clothing – we will be working with theory and our bodies!

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