Meredith Sands Keator, founder of Neural Resonance Therapy® and co-director of Somatic Stretch®, offers workshops and online Health empowered education for Professionals who care for Bodies,
and all those who have one.

Byron Bay, Australia

Trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture in the early 90’s, Meredith teaches accelerated healing skills to Somatic therapists to increase their treatment results through direct access to the nervous system.

A pioneer in the field of Eastern and Western integrative sciences, she has developed Neural Resonance Therapy®, an understanding of the geometry of healing in viewing the body both as Frequency and Matter.

Working within the company of physicists, cosmologists, mathematicians and geometricians, Meredith has unearthed an understanding of geometric precision in the body that compliments the information physicists are witnessing in the cosmos.

Her research in this field since 1996 has taken her to many parts of the globe, and she teaches internationally, continually meeting and sharing the work of remarkable healers, practitioners and teachers from around the world. 

Creating a stronger collective within the field to raise awareness around the Somatic Arts as an essential component to the medical mainstream is her ongoing goal.

For a free video series describing this work in more detail, please go here. 

The Mission

To work with, and encourage, the inspiring, thriving edge in myself and others…

I wish to share the vision of what the body has imparted to me since a powerful and life-changing experience I underwent in 1995. Known as a Kundalini experience – and one that was far from gentle –  I have since been witness to the pulses of neural conductivity and have spent years in research piecing together the map that this Brain of the Body emits in light, oscillation and wave. Geometry is in every cell, it is fractal in moving form, it is found in the new Physics of the Cosmos and this understanding is the basis for the future of powerful technological leaps and progressive healing methods.

I continue to network globally and provide information from international sources so that education is raised within the somatic field, leaving spas incapable of functioning as the sweat shops they currently are, and Western medicine to recall that hands on healing was always part of healthcare where it played an integral and vital role for good reason.

I wish to reawaken the awe of being alive within myself and every Body that I touch. To catch pieces of the psyche locked in flesh and arrested breath within the songlines of story we have been told are called Meridians..or Nadis, or Chakras, or energy. 

I wish to create future programs that allow us to relearn that Food is Medicine… That we are individually responsible for our own healing through the alchemy of eating, stretching, loving and breathing… To affirm that the miracles are our own innate capacity to expand our awareness, and that we are the healers we have been waiting for. 

The Story

Putting my hands on Bodies and working as what some call a “healer”, or more what I call a ‘facilitator’, was nothing I thought I’d be doing. That was what my grandfather did. He would stretch his brown, lean, Finnish, naked body in the morning sun on his veranda in the country. He picked berries from the woods and boiled up concoctions he would drink. He had a full-time Massage practice in Toronto, Canada in the 30’s before anyone knew what Massage was, and he gave me one massage, when I was eight, the year before he died. As the stories go, I never forgot that treatment. My body buzzed for days afterwards, and really, this was the only lasting communication I recall with him. Neither of us spoke the other’s language, and Finns are sparse on words as it is, so I got to know my grandfather through his eyes and his hands.

Years later I trained extensively in Shiatsu and Acupuncture and had a private practice for many years in Toronto that also catered to the film industry. I taught Shiatsu and Eastern Medical Theory and loved everything but the snow and minus 40 degree weather, so I moved to Los Angeles where I could not be an acupuncturist due to different licensing laws, but I could teach a lot and be warmer. I taught and created Shiatsu programs at a couple of L.A schools and met remarkable students while I continued the many years of research I have been obsessed with since the mid-nineties, when I underwent a life changing experience I mention in the ‘Mission’ statement above.

I teach accelerated healing skills to those who work with the body (otherwise known as somatic therapists), focussing on how frequency – and therefore, healing – in the body can be more easily addressed through the contemplation of geometric precision. I leave the Math to the physicists and medical doctors who are changing the face of technology and healthcare through the understanding of Fractals and Form, and I share these findings online and in classes. 

Click here for a free video on Sacred Geometry and Healing. 

Next, there is a whole side of my life called Somatic Stretch®, and this technique is similar to yoga…but it focuses more on how to increase flexibility and blood flow rather than the goal of position or exact, exterior form. I am a co-director in that world with my mother, Lilian Jarvis, a celebrated, founding dancer in Canada who went on to create this powerful method. This work has been one of the biggest teachers of my life, helping me to improve my health and find the inner ‘mapwork’ of tension that I discovered relates to itself within a framework of geometry…We have an online teacher training program and you can receive a free 10-minute class with me here that I encourage you to sink into…..

Lastly, and before all that, I was a Paris trained chef who worked on yachts in the South of France and other parts of Europe and North America. I mention this because it was also a large part of my life and I am very dedicated to building my future website, A Feel For, to re-inspire our love of food and our knowledge of how to work with it as the medicine it is. Coming soon.

Curriculum Vitae

Private practice, research, education and food as medicine…For a more detailed outline of my life as a Somatic Educator and Chef, click here