The Secret Life of Tension: For Professional Therapists

By assessing the relationship of muscular hypertonicity, and this response on the soft tissues and joints of the body, therapists are able to better target, and treat, areas of dysfunction using specific Shiatsu skills within their massage practice. This program provides physiological information for therapists to work more efficiently with tracking dysfunction to support their overall treatment plan.

Therapists will also be working with stretches themselves, learning the tension patterns they need to address to prevent therapist burnout, as well as what stretches are applicable for a client’s home care. This helps rehabilitate or augment physical function while supporting pain relief for the client, as well as helping therapists work with their own conditions to support a life long career.

The Secret Life of Tension teaches Therapists and teachers of any somatic therapy or movement (such as massage, yoga, pilates etc.) how to understand tension patterns. This allows therapists to use their skills even more effectively, and teachers to help students prevent  injury and gain the most out of classes that focus on rehabilitation, movement or health improvement.

We can only understand the tension patterns within the Bodies of others if we can understand them on ourselves, so an essential component to The Secret Life of Tension is understanding your own issues first and foremost. We do this by learning a method called Somatic Stretch®.

You can find out more about this work and get your free 10-minute class in this here.