One of the most direct ways to unlock areas of tension and increase your wellbeing regardless of an issue you may be experiencing, is to STRETCH. 

People have an interesting reaction to this – they announce “Dear God I can’t stretch, i’m so inflexible!”, which is, of course, a funny thing to say as the point of stretching is to increase your flexibility.

And this technique is a game changer. 

There are others who feel they are already flexible and stretches are of little importance to them – they do their yoga and quietly think stretching is only for the inflexible. NOT TRUE. Not only can most yoga people increase their flexibility (it hurts to watch people when I go to yoga and witness how much struggle is going on), but the more flexibility we have, the healthier we are. As tension always builds up, tension always needs to be released – even in the flexible!

Here you can find what I consider to be the best two exercises to target all problem areas.

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I have spent my life stretching as I was raised by a mother who was on a mission to reconstruct her body and fix what didn’t work as a dancer. As I grew up, she stretched 3 and 4 hours a day on the floor which resulted in the development of her powerful technique called Somatic Stretch® that I have been also teaching since 1986.

My mother, Lilian Jarvis, ended up dancing the leading role of Juliet in the National Ballet of Canada’s 25 year anniversary production of Romeo and Juliet at the age of 45. A full 13 years had passed since she had left dancing and she hadn’t stepped a foot onstage during that time.

Where others would have been ‘out of shape’, she instead received a standing ovation in the largest theatre in Toronto, Canada. I was eight at the time and recall my head spinning as everyone jumped to their feet, and I clapped in unison with the crowd as tears streamed down my face. Before that, I thought she just made me great food and did my laundry.

I didn’t know I was part of a lineage of pioneers.

I have healed myself of health issues that were undiagnosable and this work has been the greatest teacher in my ability to read a body and know what areas are causing problem and why. 

We work with the stretch reflex in a way that creates flexibility you didn’t know you needed, and never thought you could attain. It increases blood flow and nutrients and frees up static energy that was formerly being used to contract muscles. Oh, the places you’ll go!

Lilian Jarvis, former principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada
and Founder of Somatic Stretch®

Meredith Sands Keator, co-director of Somatic Stretch®
and daughter of Founder, Lilian Jarvis