Somatic classes online, free or by donation

'Free Healthcare for all' is a most important - and accessible - concept for all. 

People should always have access to education to learn about their bodies and how to influence their own health. 

I don't see why we can't create that ourselves...

Now and always, I will be offering classes in Somatic Stretch®, and sharing guest teachers of other modalities you can explore.

The world needs healthy people and resonant support ~ critical activism by dedicated, calm breathers. 

With infectious inspiration we will be creating a virus that kills fear and fosters strong immune systems and creative thinking. 

If you can donate, it allows us to keep this going and ensure that those who cannot pay can always have support to improve their own health.

We are our best healthcare. 

All are welcome, anytime, always.

Please share this link with others so they can access free classes too. 

These times call for an embodied nobility of mind and mission. 

This is what we are here to do. 

"For me, it has been a rare experience finding a teacher that in addition to teaching the mechanics of a subject, also seeps energy into the cells of my soul through her intent of healthcare for all. I have been awakening to my possibilities in a deep and rich way through your classes. Given my enthusiasm I now have a number of friends following you and expressing their thanks to the rewards they are discovering in somatic stretching. It is a beautiful web of self care you are weaving for us". 

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Your donations keep this engine running!

It helps me continue online teaching (thank you!), and greatly supports those with the desire to be proactive with their health amidst financial stress. Thank you for helping create a community of healthcare in true reciprocity for all!

Donate and help make this happen!

Somatic Stretch® and Fractal Anatomy

Bring your body and your questions about things going on with you to our live classes!

If 9:30 a.m PST is not a good time for you, you can scroll down and view the last three classes recorded!

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Live classes with Meredith are online from 9:30-10:30 a.m PST, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

All classes are free to anyone unable to pay, and donations are the running engine to keep somatic health available to everyone. Thank you for your support!


Special Events!


Shiatsu, Fractals and Stretch:

Next date coming soon

This is a longer, 90-minute workshop to go over what fractals are, why geometry is part of our nervous system responses to tension, and points that can be used to release inner tension based on fractal anatomy.  Come learn to stretch and deepen the release! For a full program on this subject, you can purchase the Problems, Pains and Solutions online program here. 

"My heart is lighting up in response to this work and your presence. Deep bow".

Wednesday November 11: inner worlds and subtle scapes

A very meditative class, we learn where tensions begin, and unravel the yarn from the inside, out.  

"Through Somatic Stretching you have inspired me in understanding the magic and power I hold to be my best medicine".

Saturday November 21: all about the ease

Back from some deep meditation retreat dives, I go through some good beginner explanations and cover all the basics. 


We support one another

Donations keep me offering classes for free for so many others who cannot pay anything but who really want to bring down stress and increase immune and wellbeing. Thank you for creating a circle of sustenance together. 

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Monday November 23: Abdomen, organs, and appendages oh my..

The Chinese have said for centuries that the '10,000 diseases arise from the hara', meaning your organ systems. Find out how to tap in and relate inner to outer tensions in this easy class. 

Art by Oceanna Visions
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Wednesday November 25: INside Out

Control is really about ungluing the body rather than holding it all together, and we start from the inside 'organ level' and move through the whole body to address hamstring and SI joint issues too. 

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