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Fractal Anatomy and the Geometry of Healing Level One

You will be transported to a world of fractals and frequencies that will change the way you dream and the way you think...

You'll learn about:

  • Pi, Phi, Fibonacci and how they fit together
  • Five platonic solids and how they relate
  • Physics, Fractals and your Body
  • Chakras and what we haven't heard about yet

This is the perfect program for those  interested in geometry who want to understand how it all fits together, and what it has to do with our daily lives and bodies! Starting with basics and ending up on a journey through the Body into the cosmos is the purpose of Level One. From there we can dive into the inner body in Level Two, and mingle with new concepts of body, biology and the esoteric worlds where physics begins to become our metaphysics.  

Want more Body and less Rabbit hole dive? Included in Level Two of the Geometry of Healing program you will find a series of exercise videos that take you through the body. This segment is also sold separately and you can check out that Problems, Pains and Solutions Program here.

Do not purchase Problems, Pains and Solutions if you plan to get the Level One and Two of the Geometry of Healing program as it is woven into Level 2!