“Her knowledge and experience with these energy systems is unparalleled. She eats, breathes and lives this information”

Los Angeles student, 2008

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For Therapists

The first three workshops are the Professional Neural Resonance Therapy weekends.
It’s important to take them in order, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

The above video is a 2.5 minute overview of what those first three workshops are about.

Neural Resonance Therapy® workshops; I, II & III

Workshop One: 12 hours

Neural Resonance Therapy® I

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Geometry opens doors to an internal, quiet conversation that is hard to explain until you experience it yourself.

Whether you are an experienced therapist or at the beginning of your studies, we start with some hand techniques that will help establish our connection with the core of the body, where frequency meets matter and the nervous system is most accessible. From there we cover some essential acupuncture points that are best to use in hands-on work to unwind core issues, and spend a lot of time in and around sacred geometry. The more we see and understand angle, form, wave and tissue, the better we can use the modalities we love best and become re-inspired about why we got into this field in the first place.

This workshop covers the concepts of Wilhelm Reich, western physiology, meridians, and a seemingly endless weaving of things like Kundalini, taoist dantiens, the torus of physics and composite dodecahedrons will be the topics of discussion.

It is highly recommended that you view the free video on this work and purchase the hour-long tutorial before coming to class. There is much to cover and your absorption will soar if you come prepared!

This weekend is designed to introduce practitioners of all levels and modalities to explore ways of using ancient concepts in Sacred Geometry to inform our current sciences and somatic therapies.

Workshop Two: 12 hours

Neural Resonance Therapy® II


After we have had a chance to incorporate the First workshops material and play with it in practice in the real world, we come back to answer questions and begin addressing specific ailments in more detail.

Additional acupuncture points that are really useful in practice (but better for the advanced therapist) are covered in this weekend. There are geometry playstops with various remarkable things to look at and create. Gaining deeper insight into fractal anatomy is strengthened by spending time within the world of geometry visually so there will be a screening of videos from some greats in the field of cosmology and geometry.

Incorporating these concepts into your practice is easier the more we have worked with – and gotten lost in – the kaleidoscopic dance of geometry. Therefore, these two days are about letting the left and right sides of your brain communicate even more freely as you work hands on. Geometry is, in fact, a primary mathematical science that requires both sides of your brain to comprehend. 

Just as in Workshop One, we will have a great balance between theory, stretch class (did I mention that? great stretch classes  in the morning) and practical play.

Therapists will create a significant relationship with the nervous system by the time they finish the second workshop,  and will be able to more easily continue the conversation, learning from the best teacher most directly – the nervous system itself.

Workshop Three: 12 hours

Neural Resonance Therapy III

5-cellIf you haven’t already got the geometry bug, you will definitely want to explore it for the next decade at least after taking all three workshops. By the end of workshop three you’ll be dreaming fractal fairies and witnessing some remarkable stride in your practice.

This class is all about using each others bodies and those of clients we bring to the workshop to address specific issues and hone our ability to read the body. Bring your tough clients and we’ll workshop them!

Concepts of Eastern Medical Theory such as Five Elements, 8 divisions and 6 phases are brought into the playground to witness how the theories of the past speak the same language as those of 21st century science. Polarity and charge were the concepts the ancients were conveying to us, and a common thread by which they can all agree is found within the language of their geometries, hidden within the stories of their theories and symbols.

This not only unites philosophies in a remarkable way, it also opens a magic door into reading the body and understanding issues with more accuracy. As we explore many conditions and how best to treat them, specific body reading techniques – taught throughout all three workshops – are emphasized here and worked more seamlessly into your current practice.

And, of course, there’s always stretching in the morning!

Other Workshops

The Secret Life of Tension: For Professional Therapist

Pre-requisite: basic to advanced massage skills; all levels welcome

This is a spa weekend for therapists to work on their own issues and decode tension patterns that help them in Practice.

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Workshops For Anyone With A Body

Yoga, Meridians and Sacred Geometry

What are Meridians and why is the Bladder line running up my back anyway? Who thought it up in the first place and why? Maybe you don’t reason this much during yoga class, but sometimes in the middle of a breath it helps when theory meets practice.

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Shiatsu and Meridians: A beginner’s guided class

This four-hour workshop is designed to give anyone interested in Shiatsu and Meridians an essential overview, from a beginner’s perspective. Learn techniques to work on yourself and others, and understand why and how they work. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to treat basic issues and how to get their hands to work in a way that makes it much easier by accessing the nervous system most directly.

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