Stories from the Road

A remarkable life off the grid

I had little time in this past ‘Templebody’ tour (a recent 5 month globe trot at the end of 2015, teaching and giving sessions) to write what was happening throughout that magical journey. One morning I woke up in the middle of the night in England and wrote this piece, lost perhaps in a bit of poetic waxing […]

Blogs on the Body

On Annanaki, conspiracy theories and the role of sacred geometry within the madness…

I am going to lose friends here. I may even lose colleagues I care about too. I am going to be an iconoclast, if the new gods be the evil manipulating aliens that we are now to fear rather than fear itself. Ok, I admit. My work is about sacred geometry. It is about frequency […]

Finland Journey

Ancient Healing Practices 4: Taking the piss out of Ant hills

While off in the middle of a National Forest in Finland where we were making drums in the traditional ways (more on that in the next blog), I awoke one morning in the middle of a conversation about ant hills (it takes me awhile to wake up) and some strange practices involving ant pee, masculinity, […]

Ancient Healing Practices 3: The Wounded Angel

There are three reasons I went to Finland for the first time in my life this year. One was because I had the intuition that my mother, now in her 80’s, needed to go to the land of her first language and that this would not only be healing for her, it would allow me […]

Ancient Healing Practices in Finland 2: The back story

This trip began as an intuition, it landed as an insistent dream, and it has become something of a synchronistic headwarp before we even arrive. A few months ago I had the feeling that if my mother and I were ever going to go to Finland together, this was the summer to do it. She […]

Ancient Healing practices of Finland 1; On the plane…

I am on a plane on the way to Finland. I”ve never been to this land of my heritage before, and I’m excited. I’m also a bit apprehensive. If you know anything about the Finns, you might be apprehensive for me. Take, for instance, the movie I went to in Los Angeles with a friend […]