Geometry of Healing

At the meeting point where East meets West. 

Programs for People with Bodies.

Programs for Therapists who work with them. 


Geometry of Healing

At the meeting point where East meets West. 

Programs for People with Bodies.

Programs for Therapists who work on them. 


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Fractal Frequencies:
Creating a powerful daily practice

Creating a daily practice has become essential activism in our day.
Reduce your stress and anxiety and make a deeper connection to your own intuition, creativity and wisdom. 

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Whether you are a therapist or a human with the physical challenges that can come with it, Somatic Stretch® can help. 

We work with the stretch reflex in a specific way, helping you to gently and powerfully release tension, and increase mobility and flexibility while dissolving many aches and pains completely. 

Somatic Stretch® will also give you skills to work more effectively with any other physical activity you do ~ and reduce your risk of injury while doing them.

If you are a therapist, you can gain added insight into your own issues and prevent burnout, helping you intuit tension patterns of your clients for better treatment results and a growing clientele.   

These flow charts give you an easy way to navigate through this site to learn more.

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While Somatic Stretch® will release tensions on levels that are foundational, the understanding of planes of energy, geometry, and fractals will take tension release to a whole new level. 

Understanding geometry gives you vision into the interior and allows you to access and release areas where tensions really begin - on the inside, and not necessarily where the pain is felt.  

This website shares the method of our family lineage of stretch to help regulate our nervous systems and explore further realms of healing through the unification of Eastern and Western medical perspectives. Where East and West meet is where fractals and geometry can be found to answer many questions.  

Signature Programs

Meredith Sands Keator shares new concepts we are discovering about our anatomy and inner cosmology that can help alleviate tensions, regulate our nervous systems, and give us access to portals of creativity and intuitive gifts that elevate our every day. 

Learn about the inner connected world of Tensegrity, Fractals and Meridians or scroll down further to learn more about her family lineage of Somatic Stretch® to embody these concepts while gently releasing your own aches and pains, and leave the theory for another day. 

Fractal Frequencies: Creating a powerful daily practice

For Everyone with a Body...

No matter what you do, or the physical shape you're in, regulating your nervous system is an easy - and essential - activism that changes your own world, and the one we all live in. 


Fractal Anatomy and the Geometry of Healing

For Seekers and Somatic Therapists of any modality...

A completely unique program uniting Eastern and Western concepts to accelerate healing potentials as we integrate perceptions of our own anatomy through a geometric lens.  


Meridian Mastery

For Seekers and Somatic Therapists of any modality...

Meridians are the next 'chart' from the East - after chakras - to hit the Western mainstream. Understanding them is as important as learning Western anatomy and can help elevate health in a variety of ways. 


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Somatic Stretch® conditions your body from the inside-out by working cooperatively with the stretch reflex to release foundational tension, restore ease of movement and realign posture. Sign up to learn more about our family lineage, and how it can help take away the aches and pains ~ without strain. 


Meredith Sands Keator

I am a lineage holder of healing methods from my Finnish Grandfather to my Mother to me. A life long student of the Body, I am a Somatic Educator helping people decode pain syndromes through our work in Somatic Stretch® and I am the Director of our International Training Program.

Founder of Neural Resonance Therapy®, I have pioneered an understanding of fractals in relation to our anatomy that unifies Eastern and Western concepts in healing through a geometric lens that appears to mirror what physicists are discovering in the cosmos. 

Whether you are a human with a body and its challenges, or a therapist looking to accelerate your skills and amplify your practice, you will find much in this site to support your path. 

"Your programs have changed my whole mindscape!  I will never view my body - or the world - in the same way again."
- Celeste, Amsterdam
"I can't thank you enough. My back feels better and my mood has done a complete 180! "
- Randall, California
"I had no idea there was so much more to understanding how my body works, and how I can make such a difference with so little effort". 

- Sarah Raddison, Argentina