Where Chinese Pulse system and Hindu Chakras meet

Kiiko Matsumoto is a fireball of Japanese knowledge with deft fingers that insert acupuncture needles with ease and assuredness for the benefit of students who lean expectantly on the edges of their seats.

She has authored a good handful of books and is internationally known for her scholarly work on Acupuncture. She interprets Chinese medical classics that the rest of us wouldn’t know how to access, let alone know how to read.

She chuckles throughout her classes – sometimes at sources only she cares to understand – smokes cigarettes with flair between breaks and tolerates no question she doesn’t find intelligent enough.

“Why you ask that question?” she demanded of me once, “No stupid question. Only good question. What you want to know?” and the sharp glint in her eye is an easy invitation to quickly reassess my needs before I open my mouth again.

I love her workshops because I get to hear more of the classic ancient texts in an environment that makes the knowledge applicable regardless of whether I am using a needle or my hands. Learning classic texts means learning how energy flows through the body in all its intricate forms. All this ancient information hasn’t even had a chance to arrive on our shores yet and it is the Chinese and Japanese masters of today that give us glimpses into vast systems of knowledge. The results of their treatments speak for themselves. The more you know of western and eastern sciences, the more you can see into the body, and the better you can treat.

One day, Kiiko was describing the pulse system. In Acupuncture, the human pulse is read in the same place as it is in Western medicine – on the radial artery on your wrist – but in Chinese medicine it is also read in three positions and at three depths of those positions, giving us nine different compartments in which to read distortion in the body. These different compartments represent three levels of the body – upper, middle and lower – and represent different meridians in those levels – Lung, Spleen and Kidney Yang on the right wrist and Heart, Liver and Kidney Yin on the left.

I have always wondered why the meridians are organized in that order, and this day she began explaining that it made sense that they lay on the parts of the wrist that they do, because that’s how the energy flowed in the body. ‘Of course’ she seemed to imply, like there was nothing more to say, and she turned to the blackboard and continued on with the workshop.

I had to ask. I sneaked my hand up carefully like a flower looking for sunshine on a cloudy day. I cleared my throat. I asked, “How is it that the energy runs that way in the body?” and she spun around and gave me that ‘stupid question’ look.

“Because that’s the life cycle of the body!” she said, almost rolling her eyes and then she looked at my face and laughed.

She walked to the board and drew what looked like a caduceus, or a double helix. Two lines that weave back and forth in a serpentine fashion that illustrate three levels – the upper, middle and lower parts of the body. She pointed to the first side at the top, on the left of the body. “Heart, right? Heart in upper left side of body”. I nodded. 

She followed the helix to the middle section on the right side where it led to. “Liver, right? Liver in middle of right side of body”. Again, we nodded.

She continued the line of the helix back to the left side of the body at the lower portion of the abdomen. “Kidney. Lower body always refers to Kidney.”

She moved over to the Kidney Yang side on the lower right side of the body, up along the helix to the left side of the body in the middle, to the area where the Spleen and Stomach both lie under the ribs. She finished up at the top where she began and pointed out that Lung sits on the right side as Heart sits on the left, even though they both ‘govern’ the upper section – the chest.

And in this way, Kiiko Matsumoto taught me that there is a relationship between Chinese Medicine and the lifecycle that comprises the chakra system, even though there is no mention in the Chinese texts, as taught in the West at any rate, that refer to this ancient Hindu system. Without that link, it appears as if the meridian system and the chakra system are different, and yet, as we shall see, they are actually inextricably linked.


On Annanaki, conspiracy theories and the role of sacred geometry within the madness…

I am going to lose friends here. I may even lose colleagues I care about too. I am going to be an iconoclast, if the new gods be the evil manipulating aliens that we are now to fear rather than fear itself.

Ok, I admit. My work is about sacred geometry. It is about frequency of the nervous system and the geometric harmonies we witness in everything from nature to sound vibration to the innerconnectedness of all things. It’s being discovered in physics. It’s on everyone’s T-shirt now. People are seeing geometry and how it offers us a language like a new alphabet that makes communication between otherwise seemingly disparate tongues understand one another.

Maybe I should read Zechariah Sitchin’s book – you know the one? Everyone seems to be referring to it, regurgitating the ideas as if they found them themselves, weaving the ideas to fit their own nomenclature of a landscape we are just beginning to explore and are very confused about.

Do you know about this book? Without having read all the research and explanations as to exactly how or why, it runs like this: Gazillions of years ago – I forget how many now but more than I know how to count – aliens created us out of advanced playdough, killed off ten of our twelve DNA strands to keep us in the dark, and used us to mine gold. The aliens needed gold. Somehow their need for gold and the harvesting of our chaotic energy into sound resonance that they can siphon for their own needs are connected, and we are a slave race that has been manipulated and must be very afraid of who they are and what their plans for us may be.

Now this may be true, and I don’t know. However, the main thing that’s important here is that I’m not sure who does know this for sure, but everyone seems to be jumping on board. We need to be afraid, is the message, and if it’s not anthrax or the political evil that is guaranteed to be consciously killing the human race to keep our population down, it is the aliens who are sucking life out of us as we live and die in ignorance.

Mark Twain said “Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it”, and this sums up, for me, the whole question around if our government is trying to kill us or if the shadow of our own fear, ignorance and greed are harvesting some tragic planetary results. Alongside a great deal of frightening speculation by a population afraid of our own shadow…We may be the stupid people doing stupid things because we are an evolving race of frightened people.

The Buddhists say there is Bright Faith and Blind Faith, and I have never forgotten this lesson I learned in my early twenties in an ashram in Thailand. Bright Faith is when you know something from direct experience. Listen to a philosophy, like Buddhism they say, and take nothing as true unless your own application of the philosophy becomes a vital, visceral, living truth for you. Blind faith, conversely, is when you believe something because you have been told it, and this truth is specious and not to be trusted if you have no personal proof of it.

This, I feel, is the backbone of where intellect meets intuition and must be used as the ruler of all personal experience and opinion. One cannot read a book or listen to a lecture and believe it to be true. It worries me when I hear rooms of people in explosions of laughter and clapping when hearing the above stories of alien malevolence and how the new fight is to rid ourselves of our alien enslavement by becoming smarter, Awakened beings of light in a new era, savvy to their manipulation.

I rudely confess I am tired of the nature and planetary studded names of self ordained ‘Awakened ones’ who offer workshops in consciousness and stand arms uplifted to the truth of our birthright, and who can offer such enlightenment – that they so well understand – to anyone who can pay for their workshops or services. To me they are as questionable as politicians who promise a new world order while they speak in circles that many are happy to gather within.

If you know my work you know I may be as strange in my assertions around lightbodies and consciousness expansion. The difference for me is I did not learn what I teach (and charge workshops in!) from a book, I learned it from the body directly. The East Coaster in me still has a bit of a hard time confessing – even though I’m out of the box about it now, after 20 years – that my work is the result of what felt like a million volts ripping up my spine. Like a high frequency bandwidth on a radio dial I could not control, my mental capacities were torn from me in a New York minute and I barely escaped the confines of a psych ward. I never knew if I would come back to the person I was. While I’m glad to be here today with my faculties relatively intact, I can only say that the vision of geometric precision I see when I look at a body, and the nervous system that runs it, are a result of the long journey I had to go on to heal the tear in my psyche. I may have crafted a story that upholds my delusions to keep myself sane. If so, there happen to be many others who find the same patterns in atomic structure, the cosmos, and numbers in physics to prove our collective theories correct. Among them are many others who attest it to be deeply connected to alien conspiracy, and this is where I draw the line, because that is not what I have witnessed directly, and I hope I never do. Have they? And do they have a right to call me naive while the scientists would consider me uneducated?

I appreciate logic and I also appreciate the dance between that and intuition. Intuition, for me, means knowing something viscerally in the body and mind, not just a ‘hunch’, even if hunches can often pass for intuition.

My world is one of study in Eastern and Western sciences and philosophies. I am self taught – outside of acupuncture studies – and many have agreed that ‘I am right’ about how the weaving of the two results in a logical matrix of geometric proportion that I found corroborated in a dense compilation of research that proved to me that what I was Seeing was not just a hunch. Yet, I could be wrong.  The story of this Fractal way of looking at a body is a long one, and not for here, so let me just boldly assert that I may carry a piece of logic to compliment the bridge between Intellect and Vision.

Visionary states have led everyone from Pythagoras to Hildegaard Von Bingen to Einstein and many saints in between to a path that proves to be a valid one on the road to greater discoveries. They cannot be discounted. However, I believe Blind Faith can be, and should be.

The Tupperware party has changed. Once upon a time women gathered in living rooms across America to share plastic containers to better organize their kitchens in the effort to become better homekeepers. At the same time, these parties gave the women a sense of their own autonomy, providing a small income through sales and a circle of women who banded together under the auspices of better housekeeping to actually find a world outside of that. Perhaps the underlying motive was really to take over the world one tub at a time, and maybe it gave birth to the feminist movement, but maybe the less conscious side of it was just looking for a place to find camaraderie.

We love thinking the same way about the same thing. It makes us feel at home. We band together within ideas. I love it when people get what I am here to offer, and yet find it strange I am supposed to create something ‘marketable’ out of a vision and a healing path of my own that should have nothing to do with anyone else’s validation.

I confess that when I first discovered the links between ancient, largely religious symbology and the same patterning in the body – and therefore our universe – that it was more to me than just the proof that the human organism is a microcosm of the macrocosm. It begged the question of how a wisdom so penetrating and established at some distant point in time could be lost in the history of mankind, leaving us in complete ignorance of its existence as we shuffle around like apes in suits screaming out Nasdaq numbers on floors that would rival Colloseum death matches.

I confess that I am afraid of the ‘conspiracy’ possibility that some government will insist on what seems like an inevitable mandate of enforced vaccination ‘for the good of the people’. I am afraid that the gun toting maniacs that insist they have a right to bear semi-automatic weapons so the government doesn’t kill us all would actually be people I would like between me and some white coat trying to put a drug in my unwilling arm. I confess that I am confused about that dichotomy.

However I am not so confused when I see how the new information coming out in physics prove – through a logical association between ancient and contemporary philosophies – that crystalline structure within the frequencies we are just beginning to document explain logically how we are living bodies of Light. Or that we are All One. Or that we have an innate connection to the Source energy of many Names because we ARE it, and that we have an ability to amplify our own frequencies creating greater states of health, awareness and expanded consciousness. For the betterment of all Humankind.

I confess that much of my languaging is the same as those I have a hard time listening to. I was shocked to hear in a recent conversation that I was perceived as just being ‘another one who just wants to say Yo dude, all is one’.

The point of my work is to provide a basis as to why and how these ancient assertions may be true. To give the logical mind a point of reference that gives these deep, time held philosophies basis in a world of men who have slaughtered millions for a denial of the populace to subscribe to their Blind Faith, combined with a deep, human need to control others for superficial gain. Perhaps the idea that we are being controlled by the same mentality on an alien level is only a projection of how we have been taught to think for a few thousand years.

Without proof, per se, without a logical association between the intellect and visionary states that require a bridge of personal experience to bind them, we are nothing short of a murder of crows revisiting the reasons for fear, slaughter and myths to uphold our justifications.

I am aware there must be life beyond human, known as Alien. I believe it enough that if they landed on the White House lawn I would likely not go into a state of irretrievable shock that may render many murderous.

I would like to give voice, however, to the possibility that they have a benevolence to them, rather than the mirror of hatred and coercion that we perhaps are projecting them to stand for.

Perhaps we are gaining consciousness on new ground, yet still too young to realize we are just repatterning our future based upon our past knee jerk reactions.

Because this is what we have always done. We are a science that believes in the second law of thermodynamics and this leads us to base every idea as a glass half empty rather than full. It is called Entropy, the idea that life exists and then loses heat until it is dead and nothing else exists beyond it. It is a ‘gradual decline into disorder’ and this is the basis of all scientific perspective as we witness the material world around us. Like a kaleidoscope, this entropic view colours all our other socio-political perspectives and governs how we think about everything whether we realize it or not.

Negentropy is reverse entropy. It means things becoming more in order. In my simplistic way of viewing the relationship between the two I would say that Entropy means everything is losing energy and dying, and Negentropy means that there is a flipside of things gaining energy and living. Like a child being born, birth would seem a death to one observing the events from the inside of a womb and prove the point that all is dying. To the midwife witnessing the birth it is a life and energy gaining event rather than a losing one.

This is, like any other analogy, can be called Fractal in itself – it is a pattern repeating itself even if the story changes, yet the pattern remains the same. 

In this case, I want only to say that perhaps our existence is not all about death, manipulation and conscious eradication of mankind. Perhaps we are so caught up in our taught, entropic view of the world that we cannot see that the glass may be half full.

I do not see the need to perpetuate fear, clothed in a different wolf skin, to band the population together in a common view.

I solicit for the negentropic view – if I am using these terms correctly – that we have old ways of thinking and this too must go if we are to allow for a future based on new, uplifting potential. Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” There is no way I can see to create a positive world based on an old fear. It is an ‘us and them’ mentality that has created all the bloodshed our history teaches us.

Dear God, that sounds much like the new age adage of ‘just think positively’ and all will be well.

But that’s not quite what I mean even if the words sound the same.

If it’s true that my research puts me in the same category of those who see how there was an ancient wisdom that governed this planet before that wisdom was mysteriously eradicated, and those watching this planet intend only malevolence, and I become one of the people who have ‘disappeared’ never to be found again, I will be very sorry I wrote this.

In the meantime, I have not seen this to be a Bright Faith I can subscribe to, and I would like to be one of the voices that believe that we, as a race, can wake up to the greater reality of the mystery we find ourselves in without it leading to the demise of all those who believed in something greater than the fear of the unknown.  

Perhaps we fear to live and so find ways of perpetuating the fear of death and persecution.

I don’t know. I just see geometry, and I can see nothing malevolent about it.