Safaris of Self-Discovery 

~ With Ray Johnston and Meredith Sands Keator

Pure Wild Safaris and Ray Johnston International has been leading Self Discovery Safaris in East Africa since 1984. Ray’s “Tours of Self Discovery” offer the finest in customized Natural and Cultural History tours while exploring inner awareness in some of the world’s most beautiful and powerful settings.

These are uniquely designed travel opportunities focusing on your interests and enjoyment, safety, personal healing, and conscious transformation in exotic, inspiring and powerful locations throughout the safari. Designed for individuals and families who view the tour as an extension of their own inner journey.

Ray Johnston and co-host Meredith Sands Keator will create  a once in a lifetime opportunity for life experience and self exploration without compromising safety and comfort. Purposefully created to enlighten and inform, this 12 day safari focuses on personal and planetary healing and explores the parallel of the human condition and that of the planet within the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

Known as the “birthplace” of man, the energy of our planetary and personal inner rift or separateness is held here within the planet and our own cellular memory since man first evolved from this area. We will work to unlock and transform these planetary and personal “miasms” throughout the tour, as well as experience the best in cultural and natural history that these powerful locations have to offer.

Meditations, group dynamics, ceremony, and individual healing sessions with Ray and co-host Meredith Sands Keator will encourage each participant to realize their highest healing potential for themselves and the planet during this tour.

Note: This tour is not for the general safari enthusiast but is geared to the awakened and committed individual who is called to participate in deep transformational work in potentially intense settings! There will be a carefully limited number of participants.

General Itinerary

Day 1& 2 – arrival Nairobi; airport transfers; overnight  2 nights at Karen Blixen Cottages. Located in the Nairobi suburb of Karen, these cottages are part of the estate named after the writer Isak Dinesen who penned “Out of Africa”. There is time to catch up on jet lag, shopping, and the special David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi animal orphanage visit

Day 3 to 6 – short flight to Nanyuki; transfers to Suyian Soul for 3 nights. Suyian Ranch is home to a diverse number of species and halos home to our host Anne Powys , a 3rd generation Kenyan of a pioneer family well versed in the areas natural and cultural history. An accomplished ethno-botanist, Anne will guide us in traditional Plant medicine bush walks and visits to local tribal herbalists and healers. During our stay here we will gather each day to explore geopathic energies and experience meditations and private healing sessions with Ray and Meredith.  

Day 6 to 8 – Gallman Center of Origins for 2 nights . We will be staying on this powerful land, at the home of writer Kuki and Sveva Gallman, dedicated conservationists and a conscious family made famous in the movie I dreamed of Africa – view trailer for film here. (To learn more you can rent this movie on Amazon here). Located overlooking the Rift Valley we will go deep into the powerful energies here and focus on our energetic origins! Game drives, private healing sessions, Pokot cultural visit.

Day 8 to 11 – charter flight to Masai Mara Nat’l Reserve 4 nights. Famous for being part of the Serengeti ecosystem, and its lion prides and wildebeest migration. We will stay at an upscale tented camp in the middle of the largest gathering of predators and prey in the world, allowing a true wilderness experience in first class comfort and safety.

We will also visit  the Mara Vision project where we will stay with the Masai and visit  their traditional village and innovative primary and secondary school for Masai children envisioned by William ole Pere and Ray Johnston over 16 years ago.

Day 12- Nairobi return  and Blixen Cottages dayroom until intl flights home late evening

If you would like to be notified as costs and timelines are set, email us here.