Cottage Accommodations

Four beds in two lovely rooms are available within the cost of the retreat.

People willing to share a room with separate beds can booked these on a first come, first served basis.

The Blue Room

The Blue room, located in the self-contained cottage, opens out to the lake where you can hear the loons at night. The bathroom is located in the hallway and is used only by those in this room.

Two beds currently available

The Orange Room

With pine covered walls, private bathroom and sliding glass doors to an enclosed deck near the lake, this room is also in the cottage, with loon song nearby. 

Two beds currently available

The Queen’s Room

A King-Sized bed fit for any Queen, Squire or Priestess, it includes a private bathroom and sliding door to screened in terrace next to the lake. 

This room is usually $164 per night and with retreat discount; $408 for one or two people, for 6 nights. 

Currently available