“Meredith’s awareness of the body’s myriad stresses and ways of release is so deep and fine-tuned, it makes me think of the Inuit’s knowledge of snow, for which they are said to have some thirty different words.”
Charlie Sise, Writer

A five-minute journey into the Body

The best way to get a taste of what this is all about?  Click on the video above and take a short journey into the body with me.

Neural Resonance Therapy® is the result of many years of research since a life changing experience I underwent in 1995. You can read more about that here, under ‘Mission’.

While it was not my intention to create a different ‘name’ or ‘method’ for the connections I was witnessing as I healed from the process I had undergone, I eventually got a lesson in why we ‘name’ things.

The more I explored the Body through my private practice ~ while living in a Body that seemed to have lit up from the inside out from the experience ~ and the more I read all I could digest to understand it, the more a remarkable philosophy of thought began to arise. Eventually, I had to round up all these ideas into a corral to have a discussion about it, and in so doing, it proved harder to talk about the corral I was sharing without giving it a name.

Therefore, Neural Resonance Therapy® is a contemplation in energetic anatomy more than a therapy unto itself. It’s a discussion of how Western physiology and Eastern energy systems can weave into a cohesive, unified vision through the lens of geometry.

Fractal Anatomy – as I have coined it – is an accelerated anatomy that considers the fractal nature of frequency, and how this relates to the whole body. It deepens our vision to be able to consider our form beyond, but inclusive of, its physical and physiological components. It means you can work on your foot and fix your back. And understand why. 

Fractal Anatomy means that while your hand or foot or ear may be a map of the whole body, it’s true that any part of your body is a map of the whole. Fractal Anatomy considers that  ancient physicians were drawing maps of our neural frequencies and contemporary medicine has mapped out our physiology without including the foundation of our energetic reality, and yet now we have the knowledge to unite both. Fractal Anatomy offers the means of understanding anatomy as both a physiological and an energetic reality, a necessary unification for the future of medical advances. My research is a significant contribution to this discussion. 

Neural Resonance Therapy® is the way to look at the body by viewing East and West together through the lens of Fractal Anatomy, recognising that the nervous system functions as frequency, and frequency follows geometric precision ~ just as physicists are discovering this to be true within the cosmos. As a therapy, it allows practitioners to use their skills and accentuate them using additions to their techniques that access the nervous system more directly to greatly amplify treatment results. 

How does this help you?

Therapists can use the techniques they use the most, and use them most effectively while preventing therapist burnout by reducing the need for deep pressure. As therapists, we need to work on ourselves as well ~ because we can only work as deeply in others as we have journeyed into ourselves. So….

Whether you’re a therapist of any given somatic modality (massage, shiatsu, chiropractic, acupuncture etc.), or just a human with a Body and a desire to feel better than good, we amplify healing responses when working with the geometric structures of frequency. These same frequencies, the new physics is discovering, govern our Universe, and therefore, our bodies and health as well.

Therefore, if you are not a therapist, you can amplify your own healing abilities and skills for yourself through learning to connect more directly with your nervous system using stretch, self-shiatsu and meditation methods.

It is at this Event Horizon ~ where our traditional wisdom meets contemporary knowledge and our Bodies meet the Cosmos ~ that unification of thought collides, ushering in a greater inner awareness and an ability to heal ourselves, and therefore, our planet.

For free videos on the Geometry of Healing, click here.